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The 24sight Pod - Episode 7: Mixing it up with Manriquez

The 24sight Pod - Episode 7: Mixing it up with Manriquez

In-your-face Hill reporter Pablo Manriquez is fired up about modern politics. And with good reason. He talks immigration and more with 24sight's Warren Rojas and Tom LoBianco


The thing about Capitol Hill reporter Pablo Manriquez is he’s always got something to say. 

Whether he’s penning provocative political profiles for Vanity Fair, delving into policy fights for his “underdog” newsletter Capitol Press or immortalizing the pageantry of the State of the Union by live painting the event in Statuary Hall, this fearless reporter stays close to the action – particularly when congressional leaders or the White House intrude on his passion: immigration. 

With Congress returning from recess to a whole mess of unresolved issues – and Republicans already at each other’s throats again – the 24sight Pod checked in with Manriquez about the good, the bad and the ugly of the wildly dysfunctional legislative branch. 

We don’t want to give away all the OMG moments, but here’s a cheat sheet for when to perk up your ears: 

  • A brief history of The Devil’s Cellar

  • Debate: Is a PoliSci degree worth it?

  • WTF is ICE? And why are they rounding people up?

  • Fox News’ pocket square hazing

  • BREAKING: All roads lead to Russia

  • Accountability journalism or bust

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Pilar, Warren and Tom

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