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The 24sight Pod - Episode 3: The state of this Union

The 24sight Pod - Episode 3: The state of this Union

24sight's Tom LoBianco talks with veteran podcasters from the DMZ Podcast, Matt Lewis and Bill Scher about Biden's State of the Union and how that reset the race

Hello, friends, welcome to Episode 3 of the 24sight Pod.

had a great, illuminating chat with two of the most clear-eyed observers of this moment in American politics: , politics editor at Washington Monthly, and , Daily Beast columnist, longtime observer of the American right and author of “Filthy Rich Politicians”.

The first part of our latest 24sight podcast is free to all, but the show, in its entirety (and there’s a good bit of sharp observations throughout) is available only to paying subscribers.

President Joe Biden likely got his “reset” Thursday night with the State of the Union Address. “I do think this has great potential to reset and reframe the race,” Scher said.

We also dug deep on where exactly all that energy came from (and the political implications of constantly playing down Biden’s energy and capability.)

“I think Biden demonstrated that whether it was the caffeine or something stronger, or just the fact that you're in a room with people applauding you and getting you hyped up whatever it was Biden looked about 10 years younger, last night,” Lewis said.

“You’re saying he didn’t need any of those Dr. Ronny Jackson go-go pills they used to hand out?” LoBianco said.



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