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The 24sight Pod - Episode 12 - Celinda Lake and Christine Matthews on why America is checked out of this election

The 24sight Pod - Episode 12 - Celinda Lake and Christine Matthews on why America is checked out of this election

Two of the best pollsters in the industry, Biden pollster Celinda Lake and Larry Hogan pollster Christine Matthews, explain voter burnout and the moods of swing voters

Celinda Lake and Christine Matthews have their fingers on the pulse of America’s swing voters. The bipartisan pair — Lake works for Democrats, including President Joe Biden, and Matthews has long worked for Republicans, most recently Larry Hogan of Maryland — have been testing the mood of swing voters across the country for years. The pair specialize in that most vaunted of demographics, which Biden and former president Donald Trump, are vying to win over - suburban women.

24sight’s Tom LoBianco and Warren Rojas spoke with Lake and Matthews about the mood of the country and what they’re hearing from a very worn-out electorate.

Show notes:

Why voters don’t remember January 6th?

Democrats and Republicans have very different definitions of freedom

Women have been increasingly insulating themselves and their families from the news, a protective measure in these crazy times

Can trace much of this polarized society, with staunchly different concepts of reality, to the former president of the United States introducing the term “fake news” into the country’s bloodstream

“Double haters”, those who don’t want Biden or Trump, are a very diverse group

And we talked about why you shouldn’t shoot dogs.

Lake, who grew up on a ranch in Montana, had some insights into why South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem may have thought that would work well in appealing to MAGA world. Matthews, a dog owner, noted that the extensive coverage probably doesn’t play well with suburban moms who like to buy raincoats for their doggies.

Also don’t shoot dogs.

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Tom, Warren and Pilar.


Lake and Matthews have been penning a quite prescient column over at USA Today on the mood of the country, check out their latest columns, which we referenced in the show.


“Is Biden or Trump the true threat to democracy? Voters split along partisan lines”

“Supreme Court ruling restricting abortion pill may help Biden and doom Trump this election”

“Will Biden or Trump win ‘double haters’? Unhappy voters will decide 2024 election”

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