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"I Think This Is a Deeper Attack on the Legitimacy of the System"

"I Think This Is a Deeper Attack on the Legitimacy of the System"

Adam Klasfeld Provides Expert Insight on Current Criminal and Civil Cases Involving Former President Donald Trump

Hi friends, in light of former president Donald Trump again attacking the daughter of Judge Merchan, who is presiding over the “hush money” case set to go to trial on April 15, we’re re-upping this excellent discussion with Just Security journalism fellow Adam Klasfeld — paywall removed!

Klasfeld detailed at length the strategy from Trump and his legal team of delaying proceedings, and turning attention away from his criminal charges and civil trial allegations, by repeatedly attacking the members of the judiciary, staff, and, in this latest instance, the judge’s daughter.

“It benefits Trump to talk about alleged silencing rather than 34 alleged felony violations related to the cover up of hush money payments designed, according to prosecutors, to keep voters in the dark before the 2016 election as a number of scandals were breaking all at once,” Klasfeld said on the 24sight Pod

“It's a useful distraction. I think that again, I think Trump and his perhaps his attorneys are very closely reviewing what he can and cannot say are looking at that line,” Klasfeld said. “If they can make the conversation about his alleged silencing, I think Trump considers that a win.”

“To his ferocity now, in going after not only the judge, not only the DA, but now the judge’s daughter, we're getting into family members. And that's where I would say that it shows that, among other signs, that he is actually taking this case seriously.”

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Original post:

For the fifth episode of the 24sight Pod, national politics reporter Tom LoBianco and Washington correspondent Warren Rojas spoke with Adam Klasfeld, journalism fellow with Just Security, covering the multiple cases involving former president Donald Trump. Klasfeld is a legal expert with a knack for explaining how complicated legal maneuvers tell the story of one of the most astounding moments in American history: a former president in court facing charges of fraud, defamation & criminal malfeasance.  

Among the many sage insights from Klasfeld when it comes to reading Trump court documents: “Always read the footnotes.” 

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