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Episode 4: 'Anybody who tells you they have the solution to this is lying'

Episode 4: 'Anybody who tells you they have the solution to this is lying'

The president of arguably the most powerful Democratic oppo firm, American Bridge, Pat Dennis has been in the oppo game (aka dirt-digging) a long time and gives 24sight the tea.

Pat Dennis has made a career out of unearthing stunning comments that the most powerful pols in the country would rather be kept private, and helped shape White House contests routinely with the lead Democratic opposition research group American Bridge. Dennis came up in the trenches, now he’s leading American Bridge’s efforts to keep President Joe Biden in the White House, and former president Donald Trump out.

But in a political world in which crazy’s the new normal, and there’s plenty of it, how do you move the needle on a candidate?

“Anybody who tells you they have the solution to this is lying,” Dennis told 24sight national political reporter Tom LoBianco for episode 4 of the 24sight Pod.

That may sound surprising coming from a group with plans to spend $200 million through November, but is emblematic of the moment we’re in.

(This interview was conducted Thursday, March 14, two days before Trump stirred up a “bloodbath” of a news cycle akin to his 2016 routine. So add that to the “banality of chaos”.)

So if shocking doesn’t work anymore, what does? Voter testimonials, for one — which the group has put $140 million behind. That and … the candidates themselves.

“I run a super PAC and you'd think I would be here saying, super PACs are incredible,” Dennis said. “You need to fund them to the tune of billions of dollars and they can do everything and work. Super PACs can do a lot. The mistake people make is thinking a super PAC is a replacement for a candidate — and they're not.”

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