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Being a 'Free' Journalist After Leaving the Big Leagues

Being a 'Free' Journalist After Leaving the Big Leagues

CNN alums Chris Cillizza and Tom LoBianco discuss the pros and cons of transitioning from legacy media to subscription-based models
  • BREAKING: Journalism is a business?

  • In good company — getting laid off happens to A LOT of people in media

  • Are there enough subscribers out there to support regular news and analysis reporting? OR does everything have to be click-bait?

  • ‘I didn’t leave journalism, journalism left me’ - who said it?

  • People with power usually don’t announce it

  • Life is hard — having a community is good

  • The ‘best’ part about being laid off 

  • People are fundamentally good

  • We need unpredictable voices in journalism that follow facts not clicks

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